Gaetano Randazzo

The pop rock and jazz experiences have been very important for my creativeness, together with the classic composition. My music is a combine between many genders into one whole. My repertoire is formed from contamination styles composed for vocal group, aCapella group, full orchestra with classic and electric instruments together into the same score. It recalls the warm sun of my country, the Mediterranean climate together with the sounds, colours and perfumes of its own popular cultures.

“Music is Life!”

About me

I am an multitalented musician, conductor, composer, arranger, pianist and producer.

I  studied Piano, Composing and Conducting.

I studied Conducting with Carmelo Caruso, Piero Bellugi, Isaac Karabtchevsky, and I was assistant of Maestro Hubert Soudant.

I am a Professor of Score Reading, Film Scoring and Jazz Composition at the Conservatorium of Music of Palermo - Italy.

Music is my passion,

so I have made of her my profession.

Composer Arranger Experience

Christmas Symphony has had the USA premiere in Los Angeles performed by Columbus Symphony Orchestra conducted by Roger Kalia. My music has been played by Haydn & Bolzano Orchestra conducted by Arthur Fagen; performed by Orchestra of Metropolitan City Municipality Theatre Hall di Adana (Turkey) conducted by Emin Güven Yaslicam; by Orchestra of Conservatorium of Palermo conducted by Carmelo Caruso for Parliament Event recorded by RAI Italian TV, and also in Macau (China), Istambul, Washington, Dublin; Rome; Trento; Bolzano; Milan; SKY TV; Catania; Nice; New York; it has been broadcasted on RAI RADIO 3. Many compositions and arrangements have been performed by Monica Mancini, Rachelle Ferrel, Carol Welsman, Rosalba Bentivoglio, Anita Vitale, Daniela Spalletta, Chiara Civello, Gregg Field, Ruggiero Mascellino, just to name a few.

Conducting Experience

Opera House Orchestra of Rome (IT), the Solisti Aquilani (IT), the Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire (FR), the Camerata Stuttgart Orchestra and the Massimo Opera House Orchestra of Palermo, Opera House of Catania (IT), Holy Music Festival in Monreale (IT); FOSS Symphony Orchestra of Sicily (IT), Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Sicily, Orchestra of Conservatorium of Music of Palermo, Toscanini Symphonic Orchestra, Brass Group Jazz Orchestra; Philharmonic Orchestra George Enescu of Bucarest; The F.A.M.E. Macedonia Orchestra Studio Recording for composer Giovanni D’Aquila; Music Director of Filarmonica De Stat Sibiu in 1999.

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with Patty Austin

conducted by Gaetano Randazzo

with Jane Monheit

conducted by Gaetano Randazzo

short conductor movie

Waterfall by G. Randazzo performed by Sergio Calì

Woman in Jazz

performed by Rosalba Bentivoglio,

Chiara Civello, Anita Vitale, Daniela Spalletta

Sacred Concert of Duke Ellington arranged and conducted by Gaetano Randazzo


performed by Monica Mancini arranged an conducted by Gaetano Randazzo

performed by Rachelle Ferrell

conducted and arranged by Gaetano Randazzo

Around Porgy and Bess 2.0 performed by Daniela Spalletta, conducted, composed and arranged by Gaetano Randazzo

with Dianne Reevs conducted by Gaetano Randazzo


performed by Eleonora Abbagnato, dancer

Sabrina Colombo, soprano, Andrea Braido, guitar

arranged and conducted

by Gaetano Randazzo

Schatten unter Fotoreihe.


Filmaufnahmen in FullHD
Hochwertige Filmmusik
Filmkommentare von Voice-Over Sprechern

Verbal Communication

 in May 2001 he performed

“The rhythm! Fulminating performance against the vanity of melody and harmony”,

for AssoComunicazione Company of Milan - ITALY

Interview für den Imagefilm
Veröffentlichung der Imagefilme bei YouTube

Conducting and Music Professor

Professor of Piano - Score Reading - Film Scoring - Jazz Composition - Professor of Music at the Master in Orchestration and Arrangement for Film and Multimedia Production - Professor at the Master in Music Management - Professor of Music at the Master in MIDI Music System - Professor of Music at the Master in Composition on the computer - Educational Manager for IP  Intensive Programme for live creativity on movie.


...I know Maestro Gaetano Randazzo as a most interesting musician.

Hubert Soudant, conductor

Werbevideos und Produktfilme



Discography, Movies and TV

Meditazione by Mons. Maestro Giuseppe Liberto conducted by Gaetano Randazzo; Valse et Chanson dedicated to Michel Legrand, music arrangements and conducting by Gaetano Randazzo; Rock Memory for aCappella Group; music for aCappella Group; Beautiful Universal Jigsaw Puzzle from the movie Accidental Babe; CD The Eyes of The Moon conducted by Gaetano Randazzo; next CD with music by Giovanni D’Aquila for Orchestra recorded with The F.A.M.E. Macedonia Orchestra (Skopje Studio Recording) conducted by Gaetano Randazzo; music supervisor (from IMDb) of many movies and short movies; Broken Bone Blues composed to “Album” music theme for the RAI 3 TV section (Italy).




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